towing service McLeanCar towing has turned out to be a lucrative business in recent times. The popularity of car towing has increased as people have become aware of the risks associated with not having their vehicles towed. Several companies provide towing services. Before taking your vehicle to be towed, getting some information about these companies and how they operate.

Four-wheel drive users need not worry about the safety of their vehicles while undertaking to tow as many companies today provide for safe and secure towing. Some of the common types of four-wheel-drive that are towed are utility trailers, street vehicles and work trucks. Apart from the safety aspect of flat towing, many users also prefer this because it saves them time, money and effort.

  • Flat Towing

Flat towing is a simple and quick method of towing a vehicle, and it can be used when no access road or roadside assistance is available. If you don’t have much experience of flat towing and need to rely on the expertise of a professional towing company, there are several options available. Companies like Advanced Auto Towing can provide all the required assistance and advice. Advanced Auto Towing can provide experienced and trained professionals who have been trained in all the basics of towing so that you do not have to worry about the safety and security of your vehicle.

The most basic equipment required for flat towing is a tow bar. This is a long metal bar that is attached to the rear frame of the vehicle and can hold a load of up to 300 kilograms. The tow bar should be sturdy enough to hold heavy objects and be strong enough to handle the vehicle’s weight. The advantage of using a tow bar is that you can lift your vehicle while towing it without straining your back or other body parts. The use of the tow bar can also prevent the occurrence of back injuries during vehicle towing.

  • Portable Towing

Some people choose to use a portable towing device that has the capacity to use on the road and off-road vehicles. These types of portable devices are designed to assist in towing trailers as well as cars. These types of portable devices also come with a wheelbarrow that allows you to tote a huge amount of stuff around. These wheelchairs are also adjustable to fit most wheelchairs and provide a very convenient way to tow heavy trailers and vehicles around.

  • Transportation Towing

If you need assistance with the actual transportation of your trailer, a towing service can also be hired. A professional tow truck driver will know where the nearest recovery vehicle is located and will be able to take your trailer to that location safely. The driver will then strap the trailer onto the tow truck and remove it from the vehicle without causing damage. It may be necessary for you to provide some type of payment arrangement when hiring a towing service to assist you with your transportation needs. In many cases, the trailer is covered by the insurance of the towing company. In other cases, if the towing company is a non-profit organization, they may pay for the cost of towing your trailer.

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