McLean towingTowing is simply coupling together several objects together in such a way that they can be towed by a given towed object, power source, or means. The towed object can be an individual or motorized vehicle, boat, animal, and the object being whatever can be towed. Towing is often done for personal or recreational reasons, moving large loads, carrying cargo, or traveling long distances. When towing, the owner or operator must exercise due caution to avoid other vehicles and possible damage to the towed object or property. There are three different types of towing: manual towing, electric towing, and robotic towing.

  1. Manual Towing

Manual towing occurs when the towing vehicle itself drives the trailer or tractor trailer. It is the common towing technique for most road and heavy vehicles. The advantage to this type of towing is the ability to control the distance the trailer or tractor trailer will go; they are able to negotiate uneven or rocky terrain; and they can even drive in the front seat while the other vehicle is behind, operating the brakes and transmission. There are many advantages to this type of towing, but there are also many disadvantages.

  1. Electric Towing

Electric towing is another common method of towing and is often used when the towing vehicle itself drives the trailer or tractor trailer. This is often done to pull something across terrain that is too heavy for the vehicle to drive over or is in an area where the towing vehicle itself is damaged or cannot function properly. An electric towing motor is often powered by an alternative fuel such as propane, which allows the towing motor to operate much more smoothly and safely than with gasoline. The main advantage to this type of towing is that the vehicle can go virtually anywhere, and the towing motor will not need to recharge since the fuel is kept in the engine.

Many people use offroad towing for getting their vehicles across rugged or unusual terrain. An offroad towing system can tow much more weight and pull a much larger trailer or load than with an electric towing system. It also is capable of towing multiple objects at one time. However, many people who use offroad towing systems neglect to check their batteries, which could result in the loss or damage of their vehicle. In addition, the battery pack can easily be damaged if the towing unit itself is damaged or stolen.

  1. Roadside Towing

Another common type of towing is roadside assistance towing, which is essentially a specialized service that is provided to any person who owns a vehicle. Roadside assistance towing services will deliver a vehicle to the call recipient’s location (usually the person who called the towing company). This is usually the person who called for the towing service to come out to the location. Most people hire a recovery towing company to help them with their towing needs, which is why most recovery towing companies have trucks of different sizes and can handle different sized vehicles. However, this service is often offered in conjunction with another, separate service like vehicle towing.

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