McLean Accident recoveryWhen a car is being towed by a tow truck, there is a chance it might get damaged during the process. This calls for professional towing experts to undertake the exercise and deliver exceptional results. Only professionals will know how to tow a car professionally and don’t damage it. While you may not necessarily assure that nothing will happen to your car during this process, you can still take some precautionary and preventive measures to avoid further damage to your car, that could be quite costly.


Keeping Calm

The first thing you have to do to prevent any further damage to your car is to keep calm and not reflect too much on damage that might have happened. If you panic, you will add more stress to yourself and that can only attract more negative outcomes.  If this is your first time towing a car, you need to consider giving the task to professional towing experts to handle the task on your behalf.


Avoid keeping emergency brakes on

Emergency brakes are there to help you in case of emergency when your car’s primary brakes fail. You will need to use brakes to slow down or stop your vehicle. When towing, there is no need to keep your car’s emergency brake on as it will hinder movement of your car. Proper movement is necessary so that you can load your car to flatbed. In case your emergency brakes are left on, you will make the process of towing a difficult experience.


Hire the right professional company

When you give your towing task to professionals who have the right experience for the job, you can be sure that they will do the task in the most efficient manner. It can be very beneficial for you to hire professionals, especially if you are doing it for the first time. You can do some quick search to see which towing companies are near your location and check on their reviews to choose the best one for you.


Check your transmissions

There are two primary transmission models in cars; these are automatic and manual transmission.  Automatic transmission vehicles can tow while in their neutral positions. In manual transmission, you can tow any vehicle. Keep in mind that some damage can occur is you have to tow your car over long distance. The vehicle can safely tow on its two wheels with the transmission being on neutral. In case you need your vehicle to be towed longer, you need to consider requesting a flatbed tow truck.


Be sure to inspect your vehicle before it leaves. While it is primarily the job of your towing company to check everything before sending your car to be repaired, you also need to ensure everything is in good condition. Check on your emergency brakes, windows and other important points to prevent any further damage. At all times, remember to roll up your windows before you can hand over your car to be towed. Keeping the windows up will ensure that no dust or debris gets inside your car while it is being towed.

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