towing McLean VAThe name McLean Tow Truck II is known far and wide as the go-to company for all towing services and roadside assistance. However, we do far more than just our regular light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty towing services. McLean Tow Truck II happily offers our highly versatile specialized towing service. With specialized towing service, you are not just limited to run of the mill vehicles, we allow you to use our equipment and expertise to transport nearly anything. It is great for specialty cars such as classic hot rods, muscle cars, luxury vehicles, and antiques, but it is also great for moving palettes, materials, and medium-duty equipment. Just like with any of McLean Tow Truck II’s services, specialized towing service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including public holidays. In addition, to our service’s 24-hour availability and ease to use, payment is also simple and secure. We accept conventional payment methods such as cash or check, along with all major credit cards (no added percentage). If you are stressing about how you will move your equipment or classic car across town, look no further than McLean Tow Truck II. With our specialized towing service, we turn your problems into solutions.


Specialized Towing for Classic Cars


McLean Flat bed towingMcLean Tow Truck II’s specialized towing is the perfect transportation solution for any special or classic vehicle. Our team rolls out the red carpet and puts on the white gloves as we handle your roadster with the care it deserves. Our technicians are trained alongside professionals at luxury car brands like Mercedes-Benz and Lexus to learn towing techniques that enhance security without causing any damage to a fragile vehicle. Once loaded and secured, we use exterior car covers that protect your vehicle’s exterior from road grime, pebbles, or any unseen hazard, while also shielding the interior from dust. The best part about our service is you get all this at a rate that never breaks the bank. We remain highly affordable compared to other specialty car transport companies. Giving our customers a great service and a great value.


If It Fits It Ships – Specialized Towing For Materials


McLean Tow Truck II lets you make use of our versatile flatbeds with specialized towing service. Any materials or prefabrication that needs to be moved can be transported with our “it fits it ships” service. You can make use of every inch of our steel flatbeds to move anything you need. Contact our offices now to learn more about pricing and limitations.


Specialized Towing for Equipment


Do you have medium-duty equipment scattered amongst job sites throughout the city? Or do you just need to get your bobcat back from your friend on Monday? McLean Tow Truck II can do whatever you need as part of our specialized towing service. We move medium-duty equipment like bobcats, backhoes, skid loaders, scissor lifts, forklifts, and much more. We have a love for helping people and for logistics, and with specialized towing, we can do both. No more job site delays or expensive trailer rentals, sit back relax and call McLean Tow Truck II. We will get the job done right.