Flat Bed towing McLeanDo you want to bring out your fun toy vehicle to the dunes to enjoy some play time? Are you planning to tow a car behind the motor home? Or perhaps traveling around the world and carrying your automotive with a moving van? Luckily, all of these tasks can be done easily if you choose the right options and prepare your vehicle properly for towing. Keep reading this article to learn more about 3 common ways of towing cars.

  1. Towing with a trailer

Perhaps the simplest towing option for cars is to use a trailer. This vehicle enables you to lift all wheels of the towed car off the ground. However, it can be expensive to purchase a trailer. Consider looking for a local company that offers moving services and renting their trailers.

Using a trailer for towing is simple. You only need to winch, push, or drive the vehicle up onto a trailer, and then lock it down. In general, there are strong nets that should be placed over the front wheels. Also, make sure to ratchet down the chains to the rear axle.

  1. Towing with a tow bar

This is probably the most common towing option for toy haulers and RV owners. It is usually selected when you travel a long distance. In this method, all of the four wheels of the car should be lifted off the ground. Compared to purchasing a dolly or a trailer, a tow bar is generally much more affordable. Also, you can leave them on the towed car as a permanent component of the vehicle’s setup. That’s why you will see them quite often on buggies and jeeps.

Depending on the type of tow bar used for the task, there are different ways to connect it to the vehicle. Some models can be hooked to the front bumper, whereas others should be attached to the vehicle’s frame. Once you have reached the final destination, just unhook the tow bar and everything is done.

  1. Towing with a tow dolly

The last common option for towing a car is to use a tow dolly. In general, this tool allows you to lift up the front wheels off the ground so that the rear wheels can roll easily on their own. This method is particularly useful for vehicles with a front wheel drive. Similar to using a trailer, you first need to winch, push, or drive the vehicle onto the dolly. After that, wrap all wheels in secure nets and then ratchet them down tightly. Depending on the model, there might be a hook or chain for the front axles.

If you want to tow 4-wheel or rear wheel drive cars with a dolly, it is better to disconnect their drive shaft. This is particularly important when you need to travel a long distance. Another choice is to keep the towed vehicle in neutral. When it comes to automatics, most people agree that long hauls are not suitable. But for standard transmissions, it can vary.

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