towing service McLean VATowing is the coupling of more than one object into a vehicle so that a designated pulling power source can tow them. The pulling power may be an automated powered vehicle, boat, animal, or even human, and whatever the load being towed can be whatever can safely be towed. There are basically two types of tow vehicles: flatbed tow trucks and lift truck models. Both have the ability to tow at least one type of load.

Here are some basics you should know about.

  • Flat Tow Trucks Are Common

Flatbed tow trucks can pull both cars and motorcycles in most cases, depending on the weight of each vehicle. Lift-off-tow trucks are designed especially for the towing of very heavy loads, including automobile deliveries. They are the common towing choice for most major roadways. Their hitch is a crane designed to raise or lower a vehicle into the space provided. As compared to flatbed, lift-off-tow models require a trailer, whereas flatbeds use a simple crane to raise and lower trailers. The tow vehicle will need a trailer to match the weight of the towed object.

  • Towing Trucks Needs A Licensed Driver

Towing a car or motorcycle requires a licensed driver, and this is typically not a solo operation. There are many different ways to obtain a license, including completion of a training course. One way is to gain experience by hauling other vehicles as a part of a driver’s apprenticeship. Although training may take longer, an individual can become certified to tow an automobile or trailer with no special license if it is completed successfully. Another method is to enroll in a course in old Norse fishing vessels and how to tow them, then learn how to perform basic towing on a set of ropes with an old Norse fishing reel.

  • In the old Days A Rope Was Enough

Individuals would use a specially constructed rope in old Norse times, called a tow rope, to pull a vehicle. The length of the tow rope was shorter than that required for standard truck or trailer drives. Two men would stand on opposite ends of the rope to secure the vehicle and tie their wrists together. Once the tied wrists are slack, the third person would take his position behind the vehicle and, using the rope, pull the vehicle towards him.

  • Towing Trucks Need An Experienced Operator

Because of the specialized design of the tow bar, towing a vehicle requires an experienced operator. The strength of the tow bar is crucial because of the amount of weight required to move the trailer or truck in a safe manner. Towing a car or motorcycle is much simpler with a rear-end hitch setup, which holds both the trailer and vehicle in place. A trailer hitch does not require special equipment or a license to operate. For most setups, the only tools needed are a hand-held tow bar, a tow strap, and a towing device.

Parting Shot

There are various types of auto tow dollies available for any situation. Many companies offer a free no-obligation quote. They will evaluate your vehicle, carry out the necessary repairs, and then provide you with an estimate of how much it will cost. As you can see, there are many advantages of operating a towing company with a towing dolly. Towing a car trailer is fast and convenient when you know what to expect.

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