towing service McLean VASometimes a car may not move in the middle of the road. It can face engine failures, accidents, or technical problems. In that case, towing is required to drag the car to the repair shop. So, towing means hauling a dead car to its destination.

Usually, a towing service is open for 24 hours. Hence, a vehicle owner can get help anytime and almost anywhere.

Different Types Of Towing Services

1) Wheel-Lift Tow Truck Services

The wheel-lift towing is not for long distances. It uses a hydraulic system to lift only the rare wheels/front wheels. Then, the tow truck drags the vehicle on two wheels. It’s usually applied for light vehicle towing.

2) Flatbed Tow Truck Services

This towing service is really popular. This service uses a complete hydraulic system and it loads a car on a platform. As a result, the car can be towed to a long distance. It’s the safest way to tow a heavy or light vehicle.

3) Hook and Chain Tow Truck Services

This towing service is used to drag a car after a bizarre accident. Hooks and chains are used in this service. Hence, it can drag a vehicle roughly.

What Other Services Does A Tow Truck Company Provide?

1) Heavy, Medium, and Light Duty Towing Service

Heavy trucks, buses, tractors, construction vehicles, etc. can be towed. This is called heavy duty towing service. Medium duty towing includes medium-sized trucks, luxury cars, small buses, RVs, trailers, etc. Light duty towing means rescuing a car or assisting a vehicle. Even, damaged car extraction comes under light-duty towing.

2) Repairs

A car may have flat tires. In that case, a towing company can come to you in the middle of the road to change your tire. Apart from that, small spare parts repairs are also done by a towing company.

3) Jump Start Battery

Sometimes your car’s battery can be suddenly dead. At that time, a towing company can help you to jump-start your car’s battery.

4) Refueling

If you are out of gas and there is no gas station nearby, then a tow truck company can help you. They can come and refuel your vehicle.

5) Lock Out Services

Auto car lockouts can put you in an embarrassing situation. You can call a tow truck company to unlock your vehicle.

6) Car Transport

If you want to transport your vehicle, then you can contact towing services. Though, some companies don’t provide this service.

7) Road Side Assistances

A vehicle’s engine may suddenly get stopped or a car may have some mechanical failures. A towing company is always ready for such roadside assistances. Even, a towing company can move a vehicle from a precarious position. It’s called winching.

How To Choose A Reliable Towing Service?

1) License and Insurance

A tow truck company must have a valid license and it should be insured. An insured company can compensate you if they have damaged your car.

2) Services

A towing service should be punctual, prompt, and easy to communicate. Just read the reviews and you will know – how good the company is at emergency support!

3) Pricing

The last thing is to compare the tow truck company’s pricing. Some tow truck services can charge hefty fees. So, don’t choose a towing company without comparing its prices.

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