accident recovery McLean VAThere has never been a better time to exchange your older cars than right now. McLean Tow Truck II offers a quick and efficient way to turn your unused vehicles into cash. We take all the work, stress, and guesswork out of selling your unwanted cars or trucks. McLean provides fast, responsive, and comprehensive service. We take care of providing you with quick estimates and moving your car once a deal is made. McLean Tow Truck II has a storied history of consistent service providing customers with a 5-star experience. We offer 24/7 roadside assistance and towing services making us a one-stop-shop for virtually any road-related assessment. McLean prides itself as being a cut above rest and this junk car buying service is no exception. We strive to always provide top-tier assistance. When you sell your junk car you won’t find any hidden fees or technicalities keeping you from your money. We deal in straightforward streamlined experiences making your car sale as easy as possible. Give McLean Tow Truck II a call today and find out how you can earn cash for your junk car. Our support team is standing by and we look forward to lending a helping hand.


How It Works


Selling a junk car can be an arduous and painstaking process. But, here at McLean Tow Truck, we’ve got it down to a science. Our process is a seamless 3 step procedure to turn your junk car into cash!


Step – 1 Receive a Free Written Offer


Our first step is a free written appraisal of what your vehicle is worth. We take the time to talk to each one of our customers and learn as much as possible about each vehicle. This first step is completed by a 15-minute phone call. We’ll ask questions about the year, make, and model of each vehicle as well as the condition of the vehicle. This initial 15-minute call allows us to offer as much as possible for your car. Once we’ve completed the call McLean will make a written offer to you for the vehicle either via snail mail or fax machine. Once you receive that offer it will remain valid for 30 days.



Step – 2 Schedule a Free PickupMcLean Accident recovery


Once a price is agreed upon McLean will arrive to pick up your junk car for 100% free. There are no hidden fees associated with the pick-up and removal of your car. That means the price you agreed to in step one is the cash you get. In addition to the 100% free pick-up, McLean also works with its customers to find the ideal time to stop by and remove the car. The last thing we want is to inconvenience any of our clients. McLean is sure to go that extra mile making everything as ideal and smooth as possible.

Step – 3 Cash Payout


Once we arrive on location we will conduct a quick vehicle confirmation. Once the vehicle is confirmed and validated the payout process is immediate. We don’t want anyone to wait for a check to cash or a charge to clear so the price you agreed upon is the cash you receive right then and there. McLean pays cash on the spot ensuring each and every transaction is enjoyable, gratifying, and quick. Give McLean Tow Truck II a call today and get your free written offer now!