McLean Flat bed towingA rollback tow truck is a great piece of tow vehicle equipment to have if you plan on doing a lot of towing and recovery work for cars, trailers, and other vehicles. These rollback trucks are designed with a reinforced steel chassis and powerful axles for the utmost reliability. They have many advantages over towing trailers that don’t use rollback units, such as telescopic towing, cable pulls towing, and cable reels. Even though they have advantages over other types of tow vehicles, these types of towing devices can only be used in combination with another trailer type, truck or tractor.

How It Works

When properly installed, the SP 8000 Side pulls the whole rollback tow truck unit to one side. When the reverse lights go on, the other end of the spool goes out, allowing the rollback tow truck unit to roll forward. The locking pin prevents the truck from rolling backwards when the reverse lights go on. When the installation is complete, it should be a tight fit. Some manufacturers recommend putting the pin in first and then installing the spring assembly. This will ensure that it is completely secure, even while it is being towed.

The Safety

When towing, rollbacks are designed, so the tires are contacting the ground at nearly 100 mph. The locking mechanism prevents the tires from slipping off. Most manufacturers recommend that these towing and recovery techniques be used in dry or cold weather conditions. This ensures maximum safety for both the towing vehicle and any cargo being carried.

Options Available

When towing with a rollback truck, the driver has two options. He can choose a flat platform, called a flat bed tow truck, or use a jack. Both methods are effective and are based on different strategies. Using a flat platform is faster, but often more dangerous. Flat bed towing is the safest method; however, it requires the use of an additional engine and trailer.

Different Mechanism

There is another type of towing mechanism, the spaciespray cradle, or spabies. This is the most commonly seen kind of rollback tow truck because it has a built-in cradle to contain the rear wheels. Once the truck stops, the spaciespray cradle unfolds to allow the towing apparatus to be secured to the bed. The cradle is also useful when towing is required for short distances. Most manufacturers recommend that the vehicle be driven without the towing apparatus at least three to five miles before using the vehicle again.

Parting Shot

Rollback towing trucks have grown in popularity due to their versatility as well as safety. Many people prefer them over other towing mechanisms because they allow the towing apparatus to be secured to the bed of the vehicle, which eliminates any chance of the apparatus falling off. They also have less weight than some other types of tow trucks. They are a safe way to transport goods or passengers.

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